Health Advantages of Tea! Part 3 of 4


By Dave Wilson

tea02The tea business is mysterious. I suppose this is due to the exotic places that it comes from. There is no mystery about the health benefits of tea, however.

3. Additives that make it taste even better.
Adding spices and milk, along with some sugar, make a special drink called CHAI. It is a “tea latte.” My friends from India drink it all the time. It is a tonic for sore throats, a pick-me-up during the day, and an all around “drink it because it’s good,” drink. Some of the spices include cinnamon, which has been shown to control blood sugar, black pepper (yes, black pepper), ginger, anise, cardamon, sometimes even curry powder. Other additive flavors are fruit and herbal teas.

4. Nectar of the gods. All of these benefits are equally true for hot or iced tea! I did not grow up in South Carolina, but I have always liked iced tea. It was not until I came to the South that I realized what nectar of the gods really was.

Sweet, brewed tea in a cold, tall glass with a little ice is a drink that everyone can love.
Unfortunately, the sweet part is sugar and that can be bad. So, like all good things, moderation is the key. I have a friend from India. He spent a year in South Carolina. By the time he left, this nectar of the gods was his drink of choice. Here’s the ironic and sad part — he was from and returned to a part of India famous for growing tea; sadly, ice is hard to come by, there. I know. I’m from there, too. He is doing well, however. They drink their tea strong, black and not sweet. It comes in a 4-ounce glass, but hot.

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