Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Ladies, I know… he is a tough customer, isn’t he? A “real man” will never admit he wants or needs anything for Valentine’s Day… yet, we just can’t help ourselves but scour the ends of the earth to find just the right sentiment. As women, we are totally guilty of projecting our hopes and wishes onto our mates. We spend hours writing love letters or hand-drawing mushy cards because we think he’ll find it sweet. He’ll skim it and throw it in a drawer for all eternity. Remember, men are different creatures entirely. Think of something that exudes respect or practicality to really impress him. Ideally, you would have a list where you jot down hints he’s dropped.

If not, here are a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him to get you started:

The Kindle

Why: Guys love gadgets! If you’ve got a Renaissance Man on your hands who likes to read a lot, the Kindle is the perfect way to amass books, save money on those books and read on-the-go. You’d swear the new dimmed-down screen is just the page of a book and not a computer screen at all. Consider a stylish protective case for this gem while you’re at it. You don’t want to think about what will come of this gift after a night of drinking with his best buds.

Alternatives: Does he already have a Kindle? Try an iPod Touch, Droid cell phone, a Canon PowerShot camera or a Garmin GPS to show your generous spirit.

Caution: Read your man. You don’t want to upstage him if he’s about to present you with a single rose and $20 box of chocolates. Who wants to be the Sugar Mama anyway?

Braun Electric Shaver

Why: Every man needs a close shave. He’ll use this gift every week, if not every day. Best of all, he can say goodbye to skin irritation, nicks, cuts, scrapes and the dreaded barber’s itch. Chances are, he’d never go out and buy this for himself, but he will love you for your thoughtfulness.

Alternatives: If he’s a lover of unbridled facial hair or already has one, think nose hair trimmer, cologne, after-shave or another personal grooming product he wouldn’t likely buy himself.

Caution: While this is a great way to show you appreciate your man looking his best, some may take offense. It’s sort of like getting deodorant as a gift… “Do I smell?”

Engraved Bulova Watch

Why: Classic timepieces may seem like a thing of the past, but it’s not exactly couth to whip out your cell phone to check the time at a business meeting, church, or a formal occasion. The custom engraving gives the watch that extra sentimentality women love, but your man will interpret your gift as respectful and considerate.

Alternatives: Monogrammed cufflinks, wallets, engraved dog tags, or customized rings make great gifts too!

Caution: Is your lover always late? Maybe he doesn’t care much for time-keeping.

Article: Jennn Fusion Twitter: @jennnfusion

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