A New Dawn For Walking Aids

There is a new dawn for the walking aid. The Trionic Walker rises and shines for an active and exciting day. Gone are the bumpy and harsh walks of yesterday. From now on the sky is the limit. Live your dream. Achieve the impossible. Carry on walking where the road ends.

Made for Walking

Regardless of your choice of activity, the Trionic Walker will be your faithful supporter when you go walking, exercising, shopping, hiking or golf playing. Through its unique design it promotes physical activity
and quality of life.

The Trionic Walker has been developed at the Royal Technical Institute in Sweden. It off ers you superior support and comfort when walking outdoors. Contrary to a conventional rollator it gives you fantastic access to any outdoor environment and enables you to be physically active at a very high degree.

The Walker is designed with a focus on walking outdoors. The patented climbing wheel, 3-wheel design and air-filled tires work in unison for a totally new walking experience. It climbs curbs and other obstacles with ease and turns cobbles, gravel, grass, snow and off -road trails into pure pleasure instead of a bumpy and unpleasant venture.

The height can of course be adjusted to suit users of different sizes. To make transport easy, the Walker can be folded together and also partly dismounted. A hub brake with motion and parking brake functions provides increased safety and causes minimal tire wear.

The Trionic Walker has an ergonomic grip bar that offers several grip positions, and while seated it acts as a back support. When the seat is slid forward it provides more walking space, and in combination with the shape of the grip bar the tendency to walk with a more upright posture increases.

And looking cool when out walking doesn’t hurt. The Trionic Walker has been awarded as winner of the Swedish design award “Aluminium Design”, founded by the Swedish aluminium industry.

Go Trionic Walking

It’s a great way to improve your fitness and burn more calories while enjoying the outdoors. If you are in need of walking support, it’s the perfect choice for an active lifestyle.

We call it Trionic Walking – a fun and easy way to exercise that everyone can take part in, regardless of age or physical ability. With Trionic Walking you’ll make quick progress on your way to a healthier and longer life.

Trionic Walking relies on the specially designed Trionic Walker. Exercising should always be fun and there are different versions of the Trionic Walker for your choice of activity; fitness walking, golfing, hiking, hunting, traveling and comfortable city living.

Trionic Walking offers you several advantages:

  • Greatly reduced impact and stress on your ankles, knees, hips and back
  • Excellent support, safety and comfort while you are exercising
  • Increased heart rate and improved training effect by including your upper body
  • Increased energy consumption compared to regular walking
  • Lots of fresh air and our beautiful nature as your new playground

Positive health effects

Walking for a total of 30 minutes a day meets doctors’ recommendations for physical activity. And daily physical activity is the single most important measure to stay healthy and live longer. Moderate exercise like walking helps protect the body from many illnesses and conditions, including heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, overweight, the most common type of diabetes and many cancers.

When setting the goal to reach the habit to walk 30 minutes daily, initially this doesn’t have to be done in one walk. Starting out gently you can divide it into two or three walks. And always remember, every single step counts.

For more information please visit their website www.trionic.us or download their promotional PDF.  Twitter: @Trionicwalkers

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