3 Tips for a happier and healthier home

By Tom Matlock

Did you know the average person spends up to 90% of his daily routine indoors? The time spent at home is certainly a large part of that. Experts agree, the following three tips can help keep your family healthier and happier.

Tip #1 – Air Quality
Many of us know that studies show the air quality inside a home can be many times poorer than outside air, but how do we fix that? Replace your home air filters regularly. Most homeowners find a 30-day routine works best. Keep floors picked up (free of toys, magazines and newspapers, etc.) and vacuumed. Dust mites and allergies thrive in the areas we tend to vacuum around.

Tip #2 – Door Mats and Shoes
This is an especially good tip for those of us with children. Studies show that wiping your shoes off, and removing them when entering a house can cut the amount of mold, allergens, lead, and germs being tracked into our homes significantly. This is a becoming a hot topic these days and there are many products out there claiming to help. I have even seen antimicrobial doormats sold online. All that aside, leading experts say when you arrive at your door, wipe your shoes at least two times on a sturdy commercial grade mat, and remove them when entering the house. Have a pair of sturdy house shoes sitting just inside that you can easily slip on, and go about your business. This simple habit can go a long way to making your home a healthy environment.

Tip #3 – Replace your Mattress
It’s amazing with all the gimmicks and infomercials out there how little we think about this, but it doesn’t change the facts! Mattresses not only provide an excellent living area for allergens and dust mites, but they play a huge role in the way we sleep. There are a myriad of health and other issues linked to poor quality of rest. To insure you are getting the quality rest you require, some studies recommend replacing your mattress as regularly as every 5-7 years. Choose the mattress that is right for you. Use a breathable cover and clean around and under it regularly.

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