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iPhone Fitness Apps

iPhone Fitness AppsYou’ve got the new iPhone, you’ve got the desire to get fit, so why not get the apps to help you get the most out of your high-tech phone and achieve your goals at the same time? Just in time for the Christmas season, here are the best iPhone apps to meet your fitness goals!

Nutrition iPhone Apps:

1.       Nutrition Menu: This app is the largest nutritional information database currently available. Look up the calories, fat, carbs and fiber in over 79,000 foods! You may also track your daily food intake. ($2.99)

2.       Good Food Near You: Have you ever found yourself on-the-road and starving, but unsure of the nearest place to score filling-but-nutritional food? This app recommends healthy options nearest your GPS-tracked location. (Free)

3.       Dietician: This is the only diet & meal plan generator for the iPhone. Not only can you keep track of what you eat, but you can also access healthy recipes and weight loss or healthy meal plans designed by diet experts. ($9.99)

Workout iPhone Apps:

1.       iFitness: Access a database of 230 exercises, 100 video demonstrations and 12 workout programs. Whether you want to define your abs, strength train, create a custom workout or keep a journal log of your activities, you’ll find it all with this easy-to-use app! ($1.99)

2.       Couch to 5k: Want to run a 5k but unsure how to begin training? This app guides you through a 9-week training program culminating with your ability to run 3.1 miles without stopping. ($2.99)

3.       Yoga Stretch: Get a 60-minute instructional class with 35 different poses. Add musical soundtracks ranging from Ocean Waves to Transcendental Whirlwind and elect to have commentary on or off. Before you begin, look at the yoga poses on the main menu for a description of the poses before you begin. ($1.99)

Progress Tracking iPhone Apps:

1.       iBody: This award-winning app helps you keep track of your weight, blood pressure, heart rate and BMI so you can stay in the best shape possible. ($9.99)

2.       Gym Buddy: Do you forget how many weight reps you did the last time you were at the gym? Keep a reminder in this helpful app, which lets you log each exercise and reps. You’ll also get a timer for your rest periods and a calendar to chart your monthly workout progress. ($2.99)

3.       Run Keeper: Track your runs with GPS / Google Maps and share with friends or family members in real-time or after the fact. Use audio cues to listen to your current time, distance and average pace. Serious runners can track calorie consumption and download routes to the phone. ($9.99)

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