What Happens In A Federal Government Shut Down

Washington DC Capital

The U.S. Federal Government has shut down a few times over the last 30 years and with another looming government shutdown approaching many people want to know what will happen if the United States Government is shutdown.

  • The Social Security Administration would continue to provide benefits for current recipients.
  • Medicare would continue to pay out benefits.
  • The Internal Revenue Service would continue to process electronically filed returns, provide refunds, and take payments, however they would not collect paper filings or conduct audits.
  • The Small Business Administration would not issue small business loans.
  • Washington DC CapitalThe National Parks would close, as would the Smithsonian Institution.
  • The Veterans Administration would remain open because it’s on a multi-year appropriations schedule.
  • Department of Defense employees required to stay on the job would continue to be paid.

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