What To Do When Your Cell Phone Is Stolen

Lost Cell Phone

Cell Phone Theft Statistics

  • Lost Cell PhoneIn 2008, police reported 300 thefts of the T-Mobile SideKick alone (14% of all robberies).
  • 1 in 3 Americans have had a cell phone lost or stolen.
  • 52 percent of Miami residents have been victims of cell phone theft.
  • Nearly half of New York and Los Angeles residents also reported missing phones.
  • It costs an average of $125.30 to resolve the situation when a phone goes missing.

Your Cell Phone Has Been Stolen: Now What?

  1. Call your mobile provider and suspend your account so the perp can’t make or receive any calls from YOUR phone. Do this immediately so you’re not liable for any calls made to Nigeria!
  2. If you were wise enough to buy insurance protection for your phone, find out what your plan covers. If not, see what deals your provider offers.
  3. If your phone was stolen from your home or vehicle, call your insurance providers to see if your plan covers a replacement. Keep in mind that filing a claim may raise your insurance premium, so it’s important that your weigh the costs.
  4. Sometimes the cost of getting a replacement phone through your mobile provider is simply outrageous. Consider a reasonable deal on eBay.You’re Worried Your Cell Phone May Be Stolen: How To Protect Yourself

Do you have a Smart Phone? Consider downloading a mobile security app like:

  • Norton Mobile Security: This app allows for remote GPS tracking and locking, rendering phones useless if someone tries to change the SIM card and lets you remotely erase data (Free Beta Trial).
  • EyeD Biometric Password Manager: Take a picture of your eye to encrypt and store sensitive information on your phone that can only be unlocked by you ($5.99).
  • MobileMe Find My iPhone: This app allows you to pinpoint your phone’s location online and do a remote data swipe to protect your information. You can also set a passcode to lock the device and send a message to the screen such as: Return my phone for a reward ($99/year). Works for iPhones and iPads.
  • LookOut Mobile Security: Locate your Smart Phone on a map, activate an alarm, lock your phone and wipe out data (Free). Works for BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile.
  • iHound: Protect your cell from damage, sound a loud alarm, wipe your data and locate your Android or iPhone ($3.99/year).
  • Android Pattern Lock: Create a passcode by connecting a 4-9 digit pattern. Access this feature by going to: Settings, Location & Security, and Set Unlock Pattern (Free).
  • McAfee WaveSecure: If a thief tries to take out your SIM card, this app locks your phone and renders it useless. You can log onto the WaveSecure site to locate your phone on a map and swipe data like contacts, texts and media ($19.90/year).

Don’t Have A SmartPhone?

Most phones have a security setting where you can at least lock the keypad with a 4-digit code to thwart thieves. Verizon Wireless has a “VZ Chaperone” service that allows you to track a mobile device for $9.99/month. Keep in mind the cell phone must be turned on and not roaming to be tracked. Also, the privacy setting must be set to “allow.” Sprint also has a family tracker service as well.

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