What Makes For Healthy Recipes During Christmas?

Christmas Table - Stella Levi

The holidays are one of the best times of the year worldwide. There is friends, family, songs, presents, and of course food. Food is one of the most important parts of any holiday gathering. Christmas Table - Stella LeviThere are tons of treats, dishes, and recipes for Christmas all of which are delicious, though not all of them are healthy. Christmas food has a reputation for being just fattening and bad for you as it is tasty, but that doesn’t mean is has to be.  Healthy recipes for Christmas can be found all over the internet and range from simple snacks to full dinners. Many holiday favorites such as glazed pork and Christmas turkey are known to be very fattening. But these dishes and more can be made low fat using recipes found online. These recipes generally use less butter, salt and other fatty ingredients, while at the same time using more natural herbs and spices to create flavor without fat. Removing the skin and other high fat portions of the dish also makes it much more healthy. Another option for a healthier Christmas meal is to make non-traditional dishes such as Walnut Stuffed Salmon and Roast vegetables in place of the fattening classics. These healthier and just as delicious alternatives may become your new holiday favorites!  Of course some holiday dishes may already be healthy, such as winter squash soup, roasted chestnuts, and loaves of cinnamon bread. These treats and others are very popular during the holidays because they are low in fat and perfect for the season. Christmas cooking doesn’t have to be a diets worst nightmare. There are plenty of healthy classic recipes and alternative dishes and treats to make your holiday food perfect for everyone. This Christmas why not try some of them out and take one more step towards a long and healthy life.

Article: Mik Hawk

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