LED Shower Heads

LED Shower HeadsWith the beginning of fall, our thoughts often turn towards the upcoming Christmas season. And we start puzzling over what to buy for that spouse who has everything.

How about a LED shower head?

These shower heads are powered by water current, so there’s no need for batteries or electricity. Simply twist it into your existing shower hose, and it’s ready to go!

LED shower head are available in many shapes and sizes, from square to round, from swivel to stationary to handheld units. Many of them offer multiple settings for water pressure, so you won’t lose any of your favorite features by switching to something more fun.

Whether you choose an LED shower head that glows in a single favorite color, or one that cycles through seven or eight different colors, you’re sure to enjoy a unique experience.

Magic Shower HeadMagic Showerhead offers one that continually fades through 7 colors, providing a rainbow of fun inside your shower. Or consider this one from Faucetland, which has a massaging function, and transitions to a new color every 3-5 seconds. Faucetland
Or for a totally unique experience, check out this square shower head from Light in the Box, which changes colors to correspond with the water temperature. No more accidentally freezing or scalding yourself! And if you want to pay a little extra, Ana Bath even offers a combo shower system with five separate spray functions.

Are LED Shower Heads Affordable

Best of all, LED shower heads come at an affordable price, with some as low as $12. Of course, if you want all the extra features and fixin’s, you can also find top quality LED shower heads upwards of $70.

So why not bring a little spa experience into your home, and offer your loved ones a unique shower experience?

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