How To Make Your Own S.A.D. Light Therapy Light Box

SAD Light Box

SAD Light BoxSeasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that generally sets in around fall and lets up in spring, when the seasons change. One treatment for SAD is light therapy (or phototherapy). Light therapy involves sitting in front of a special light therapy box with lights that mimic natural outdoor light. Some people use tanning beds as a source of light therapy, or you can buy all different types of light therapy lamps online, and they can get pretty expensive. But if you’ve got some wood that you can make a box out of, or even just a box, you could make one at home using this tutorial from Instructables. Besides the box, all you’ll need is the stuff to make and connect the lights (they use CFL lightbulbs), aluminum foil or silver spray paint, a drill & cylindrical drill bit, small screws or nails, plexiglass, and some sandpaper. The box can be made to whatever size you’d like it to be depending on the space you have available, and you can set it on a timer to act as a natural alarm clock.

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