Zumba Classes That Help Bonds Mothers And Daughters

Zumba classesJennifer Cooke has three children, so bonding individually with each child was one reason she wanted to become the Hamburg Fitness Center’s Mommy & Daughter Zumba instructor.

“That time is important to share with a child,” said Cooke, who also teaches adult Zumba classes at the fitness center. “It’s also important to have a child witness their moms working out at an early age because it is someone they look up to.”

The Feb. 27 Zumba class was a free demonstration night where mothers and daughters were able to try out the class. Children ages 6-10 were encouraged to come with their moms. Cooke demonstrated dance moves previous to starting a routine.

Typically, a Zumba instructor will do dance moves the audience mimics with minimum talking, but because Cooke had tougher moves and younger children participating, she taught the moves beforehand and talked throughout each Zumba routine.

“It makes it a little bit easier for everyone to follow, especially those who may not have ever done Zumba before,”… For the rest of the article please read it at Zumba classes create mom, daughter bond

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