3 Simple Tips To Stay Healthy And Energetic Throughout Your Day

Photo: Barni1

Photo: Barni1Day to day life can be quite a challenge: early alarm, commute to work, hours and hours focusing on your tasks, duties, meetings, appointments… there is just so much on your plate you wonder… “how will I be able to get through the day”? If you struggle with your energy levels, here are some 3 simple tips that will help stay healthier, more focused and energized throughout the day.

1. Take some morning time for yourself: Wake up one hour earlier than you should, have a shower and take time to drink a coffee and have a nice small breakfast. You wont believe the difference it will make for your entire day. Getting your body and mind in the right mood is essential

2. Healthy snacking: if you feel like your energy is dropping throughout the day, consider carrying some healthy snacks along with you. Fruit is a great fit: apples, bananas, or even something more exotic for an extra kick make for great snacks-on-the-go.

3. Avoid late night TV: watching television shows or staring at screens late into the night has been shown to bring fatigue and ruin the quality of your sleep. If possible, try to avoid watching television or playing computer games past 8pm, especially if you are anticipating a big day ahead!

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