4 Hacks to stay more focused and motivated when exercising!

Credit: LocalFitness.com.au

Credit: LocalFitness.com.auExercising can be hard, and sometimes even a bit boring! Here are our favorite hacks to help with gaining that focus and motivation that may be lacking in your exercises regime!

• Music

There is a reason why so many people have their iPods on when they exercise, and it’s not because they are antisocial! Making a playlist with all of your favorite songs will increase your enjoyment of your exercise regime and keep it fun and light!

• Friends

Sometimes the gym can be a scary place, especially if you have been out of touch with it for a while. Making dates with friends for a class or a morning run will not only make it more fun, but will give you more motivation to keep the commitment ongoing!

• Classes

Whilst exercising alone, it is easy to get lazy, but being apart of a class with a teacher can really help you get the most out of an hour and help you push your boundaries!

• Have fun

Most importantly, do the classes and exercises that are most fun to you. If you don’t enjoy exercise, it will never last more than a few months and it will always be hard to stay motivated! Remember you are doing this for yourself!

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