5 biggest food misconceptions

food misconceptions

food misconceptionsWith all the experts giving advice and all the food and nutrition information that’s available how do you find what’s best? Our advice? Break it down to the simplest elements. here are some tips we recommend.

• Not all fats are bad!

Contrary to popular belief there are a whole lot of fats in food that we need to maintain our health. Natural fats in foods like avocados are perfect for lowering cholesterol, maintaining healthy skin and improving your immune system!

• Eat some sugar!

Cutting out sugar is not the best idea as many of the natural sugars we find in fruit and vegetables are full of the vitamins and minerals we need for a balanced body. Reducing your intake of processed sugars found in candy and baked goods are definitely a good way to go, but there are many healthy types of sugars, like the ones featured in fruit.

• Eat butter!

All the butter alternatives on the market claim to be a healthier option than the real thing, but it’s just a plain lie in most cases.
Butter is rich in your Omega 3 and antioxidants, which is essential for brain, skin and overall health of your body.

• Watch out when drinking juices

Juice bars are really taking over the country! But the problem with bottled juice is that after it is juiced, it quickly looses it’s nutrients and you are left with only a high sugar content. Also, that skin and pulp that gets lefts behind? Is usually the most nutritional part of fruits and vegetables!

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