Winter Veggies: What you should eat to keep you warm and nourished

Pumpkins and potatoes. Photo: Ivan Atmanagara

Pumpkins and potatoes. Photo: Ivan AtmanagaraThere aren’t too many things to be smiling about as we go deeper into the winter months, but there are certain winter veggies that you just can’t miss this winter to warm the heart and soul.

• Pumpkin

This gem is the true king of winter, pumpkin is the perfect ingredient to spice up a latte, throw it in a crusty pie or make a simple creamy soup that will keep you warm and satisfied on cold winter nights. An extra tip, you can roast the seeds from your pumpkin to create a toasty snack jam-packed with iron.

• Potato

Potatoes are the unsung hero of the eating world: they are cheap, easy to prepare and a full of Vitamin B6, potassium and Vitamin C to keep your immune system strong during winter. If you are living on your own, recall your childhood meals and make some classic mashed potato with something like ginger or flaxseed to give it a modern, health-conscious spin.

• Brussels Sprouts

Ok, wipe that grimace off your face. Brussels sprouts are having a modern revival among adults that used to be afraid of them as kids! They are great to roast, toss in a salad or boil and drizzle in fresh lemon and pepper. Brussel sprouts are rich in Vitamin C and fibre!

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