Exercise and Your Wellness

By Dr. Lisa Silva

Walking in nature, Birnie walk —B4bees (Flickr.com)

Action is the evidence that we are alive, and it is very important to regenerate our body. When we exercise, all the cells of our body exert themselves, consume remaining nutrients, and finally, require new food. Therefore, it results in the production and balance of hormones, and the normal function of our body. As we grow old, exercise is more important. However, it is not desirable to exercise excessively or competitively, because we can get stressed of exercise. The most desirous exercise is to take a walk in the beautiful nature, and to cultivate the soil for pleasure. In the National Health Survey, Australia, published in May 1992, males were more likely to undertake vigorous or moderate exercise, while females were more likely to choose walking. Persons who engaged in walking exercise tended to exercise more often and for a longer amount of time than those engaging in vigorous or moderate exercise.
The key to fitness is to exercise regularly, at whatever pace you set yourself, ideally for a period of at least 20 minutes continuously, at least 3 times a week, vigorously enough to raise your heart rate, but not so vigorous that you cannot keep up a conversation while exercising.
Good exercising!

Dr. Lisa Silva

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