Health Advantages of ICE CREAM! YES!

healthy ice cream

For those of us that struggle with a few extra pounds, there is really good news: ice cream and other frozen dairy products are good for you! This is true on many levels:

1 Low Glycemic Index

This Concept is related to the low carb craze championed by Dr. Atkins. Dairy products in general help your body burn calories more efficiently ( Ice cream and frozen yogurt not only treat you, but metabolize more slowly than, say, french fries and bread-type snacks.
It takes a longer time for your bod to digest ice cream and frozen yogurt, so you don’t get a quick carbo-high and then feel sleepy.

2 Various Frozen Dairy

Bases There is not only ice cream, but frozen yogurt and yes, low-carb ice cream. All of these bases have the advantage of having a low glycemic index to differing degrees, as well as giving people with certain health issues different healthy choices. I know a man who looks as healthy as anyone you would ever see, but has serious heart problems. He only eats frozen yogurt. It is low fat, about the same or a bit higher in carbs as ice cream, but just as tasty.

3 Calcium in dairy products

Again, dairy products in general have the benefit of helping to keep your bones strong. Other benefits are lower blood pressure and a boost to the immune system. (

4 Add your favorite stuff

Believe it or not, studies in the UK indicate that it may be good to actually mix vegetables in ice cream or frozen yogurt in order to get kids to eat their veggies. While this is not a wide-spread practice anywhere yet, it is a good idea! I like to mix lots of different things in ice cream. Breakfast cereals usually work well, as do candies, fruits and nuts. The key is to add items that will help you and be a treat. You don’t want to add too many different things at one time, or too much of anything. The grocery store shelves are filled with frozen dairy products that contain all kinds of ingredients. Usually, there is too much additive and they are too rich to help you get the benefit of frozen dairy products. You are much better off getting plain vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or Neapolitan and adding your own ingredients in moderation.

5 Ice cream makes you happy!

( This is a huge health benefit! It can be measured in brain activity similar to listening to music. This is not a health benefit, but most people like their ice cream and frozen yogurt to be around 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I first noticed this when I realized that about the only time I really wanted ice cream from the grocery store was when my wife had just brought it home from the grocery store. It had been in the car and was soft, smooth, and really delicious. After it had been returned to the freezer for a couple of days, it was too hard for my taste. And that, my friend, is why I started an ice cream business that could give me – and thousands of my closest friends – the best custom blended ice cream and frozen yogurt on earth! Moderation is the key; once a day is OK!

By Dave Wilson.

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