The Spirit of Ninety-Six

Ninety Six SC

By Gilbert B. Elwyn

One of the joys of living in the Greenville area is the many enjoyable and interesting spots located just a day trip away.

“The Spirit of Ninety-Six”

South Carolina is well-suited historically to celebrate Independence Day. The Palmetto State is bursting with Revolutionary War battle sites. A visit to any one of them will help bring history to life.

The Ninety-Six National Historic Site, located on SC 248 not far from Greenwood, is the now peaceful reminder of a particularly fractious area. On November 19th, 1775, the American Revolution’s first major land battle took place at Ninety-Six. Even after both sides agreed to a truce, skirmishes continued to break out until General Nathaniel Green’s siege of the fort.

In July 1781, the loyalists departed, but destroyed all that they could as they left. Thus Ninety-Six Historic Site features mainly recreations and remnants, as well as some artifacts. There is a walking path to guide you through the area. Some of the highlights:

  • The star fort – the actual remains; the town of Ninety-Six – you can see where three roads intersected, making Ninety-Six a trading hub of its day;
  • The siege trenches – an example of siege operations by the book. The stockade was moved to the site in 1968, it is furnished as an 18th century inn. The house itself was discovered inside a house in Greenwood.

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