Water, water, everywhere…

American Goldfinch

By Gilbert B. Elwyn

Would you like to keep a pet, but don’t want to spend the time or expense? Do you want to beautify your space, but don’t have the
know-how? Try bird watching , with only a little effort on your part, some birds that are already visiting or flying over your home everyday. With a relatively small expense, you can entice more visitors and enjoy lengthier visits.
Birds’ wants are fairly basic: a home, food, water, and a mate. We will have to leave the last to the whims of nature, but we will spend the next few issues discussing the others.

“Water, water, everywhere…”
Birds seek water for two reasons: drinking and bathing. It is not uncommon to see a bird splashing and preening in a bird bath – a fun and interesting sight – or stopping for a couple of long drinks before resuming their bath.
As with many bird watching products, you can spend as little or as much as you would like on a birdbath. They range from basic and functional to sculpted works of art. It really depends on what you’re looking for. The birds are more interested in the water than a birdbath.
A few tips: Keep the water clean and filled; clean the birdbath with water and a brush, but no cleanser; and place the birdbath where the birds have a clear view of any approaching predators.
Did you know? Birds need water in the winter too, so do try to keep your birdbath available during the colder months. Birdbath deicers are offered at most bird supply retail sites to make life easier for birdbath chippers.

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