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Your Car nov 09We all know that cars are expensive and taking care of their appearance is now more important than ever. And of course, there are those people who just can’t get enough of polishing and waxing their ride. On the flip side, there are many more people who just don’t have the time, energy or knowledge to detail their own car.

Today, there is a wide assortment of detailing businesses at various levels within the industry. Although you can break it down into two basic categories; detail shops, which sometimes are part of local car wash businesses and mobile detailing businesses, where all of the work is conveniently done at the customer’s location. What complicates things a bit for someone looking to have their car professionally detailed is that many of these businesses usually have their own center of focus.

When you step back in time a few decades ago, the majority of professional detailing being done was almost entirely made up of wholesale dealership reconditioning work. Although dealerships still require this service, the majority of professional detailing work being done today is basically aimed at attracting retail clients. Now here’s the important part about considering a professional to detail your car; the key is making sure the detail business you choose is completely focused on serving retail customers. They will usually be the type of business you can count on to satisfy your needs as a customer and take your car up to the next level.

When it comes to choosing a professional auto detailing business, you will want to be reassured that the personnel will do everything possible to constantly be responsible for the entire interaction that takes place. It starts with the initial contact. Whether it is a phone call or email, it is extremely important that they give you every reason to believe you are dealing with capable business people, totally responsible and answerable for their actions.

Keep in mind most successful detailing businesses understand the importance of under promising and over delivering. They know that as time goes on, you as a customer will judge them by the overall experience they provide, not just the technical aspect of the work being done. The process involves their understanding of the importance of building a good customer relationship, rather than reacting to the daily consequences of poor customer service.

One of the best ways to choose a reliable professional detailing business is to simply ask your friends and family for referrals. Especially those people who you can clearly see constantly drive a clean vehicle. After all, your friends and family will usually only refer reputable businesses.

Professionalism is one of the key attractions when seeking out the services of a detailing business. For example, it’s extremely important for a mobile detailing business to arrive on the job at the agreed time of the appointment. Employees should also look and act in a professional manner which always helps to make a positive impression.

The ideal professional detailing business will constantly look at everything from the customer’s point of view and they will treat their customers with care and respect. The best detailing businesses will only use the finest professional products available, rather than constantly looking for cheaper, cost cutting polishes and waxes. Don’t be afraid to ask about the products that will be used on your vehicle. Keep in mind, true professionals understand that good detailing customers are not necessarily interested in getting the lowest possible price as much as they are in knowing they are receiving a high quality service and getting value for their money.

Too often detailing businesses usually fail because they are constantly trying to compete with other detailers by constantly lowering their prices. In the detailing business, that is simply a mistake. A low price may matter when it’s wholesale work for dealerships. However, retail customers should always remain focused on knowing they’re getting a top quality job, not just a low price. I can honestly tell you that there are plenty of detailing business owners out there who sincerely appreciate taking care of retail customers. Customers who are more than willing to pay a reasonable price for what the true professionals in this industry have to offer.

Let’s face it, the basic reason why some detailing businesses hit a wall and resort to low level pricing is usually because they lack either the desire or the ability to gain the basic entrepreneurial skills necessary to run a profitable business. Think about it; cheap is never good and good is never cheap.

In summary, when you’re in the market to have your car detailed, it’s important to get into a routine of having your car maintained on a regular basis, usually at least twice a year. The best advice is to look for a professional detailing business that is focused on satisfying your needs as a customer. A detailing business you can feel good about.

Frank Canna has been in the detailing business for more than 20 years and is the owner of Mirror Finish Detailing, Williamstown, NJ.

Twitter: @MirrorFinish

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