One Gift That Will Keep On Giving

By Dr. Lisa Silva

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As the holiday season approaches we often find ourselves swept up in the grand hustle and bustle of the year. This grand hustle and bustle often results in a change of our normal lifestyle habits in nutrition, exercise, and rest.

This year, let’s try to keep our own health on the front burner by recapping a few of the topics we have already discussed in our previous issues. We will take a look at nutrition first. We all know to eat our vegetables, but remember to eat them in as natural a state as possible, preferably raw, and not accompanied by a tablespoon of your favorite warm spinach dip. Water intake generally decreases for most of us as the temperature outside cools and apple ciders and flavored coffees take its place, but remember that any liquid with flavor in it will not be absorbed directly into your blood stream. It needs the entire digestion processes, which takes longer. Also, caffeinated beverages act as diuretics, which cause us to dehydrate faster, so we need to compensate by drinking even more pure water. Our sugar and salt intake should also be watched as we enjoy holiday treats; their levels are often insidiously hidden and can quickly rise to toxic levels if not watched carefully.
Exercise and rest are the last two subjects we will address. Our nervous system controls and coordinates every function in our body, and this delicate system is very much affected by a lack of exercise and or rest. Exercise will oxygenate and invigorate our muscles, allowing us to burn calories and purify our system of built up impurities. We discussed in an earlier issue that the simple act of walking is greatly beneficial, as this exercise increases our heart rate and muscle activity, is cost effective, and can be easily done anywhere without equipment. Rest, on the other hand, allows our bodies to regenerate, heal, and prepares the mind for another day of serving our fellowmen! As this holiday season is upon us, keep yourself healthy, for that is one gift that you can give yourself that will keep giving throughout your entire life.

Dr. Lisa Silva

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