Health Advantages of Coffee! Part 2 of 3

Healthy Coffee

By Dave Wilson

Healthy Coffee
Porcelain Coffee Beans Coffee Beans Coffee Cup

Yes, my bleary-eyed friends, coffee is GOOD for you! There are some variables to this announcement, but in general, the news is good!

2. Stimulation of the brain:
Stimulation and getting going in the morning are probably the biggest uses for a cup of coffee. Here’s some research from the British Coffee Association. They are a little late. The Boston Tea Party forced Americans to guzzle coffee more than 200 years ago!

Research from the Coffee Science Organization reveals that not only does coffee help those who are sleepy from medication or lack of sleep to be more alert, it also helps those who are feeling fine to have a sharper mental edge.
Lastly, if you want to do your own experiment to statistically test the alertness benefits of coffee, here is a college course that has the experiment set up for you with all the necessary analysis tools

Coffee: What would life be without it?

Next time: Part 3, Can coffee help reduce certain diseases? Its not snake-oil!

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