Resolve To Keep Your Resolutions…!

By Dr. Lisa Silva

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Let’s face it! Abandoning our New Year’s resolutions has become almost as familiar a tradition as making the resolutions themselves. But that doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be the case. There are concrete helpful steps to successfully change your habits. The first is remembering that thousands of people have and still do succeed.
Make your goal specific. If it involves an action of many steps or lengthy duration make it easier by breaking it into small steps. For instance don’t think about walking for an hour but about walking out the door. Second, start small. Instead of running a mile, begin with the end of the block. Third, remember that most experts consider 21 days the time required to firmly entrench a new habit. But also celebrate the smaller milestones: your “three day” anniversary, for example.
Acknowledge your success. Find small ways to make the action easier, like putting out exercise clothes near the front door or throwing away unhealthy leftovers. You could set small reminders, or triggers, to make the action easy to remember and hard not to do. Set a date to begin. And don’t forget to make good health part of your New Year by making chiropractic care a regular and healthy habit.
Did you know that even though chiropractors are often referred to as bone doctors, our real interest is in your nervous system? The nervous system in your body controls and coordinates the functioning of every other part of your body. That is why routine chiropractic care is recommended for everyone, as a preventative health measure. I challenge you to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care for yourself, I guarantee that you will be surprised at the difference you will feel in mind, body & spirit.

Dr. Lisa Silva

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