Condominiums VS Townhomes

Townhouse Row

Townhouse RowIn the Greenville, SC, area, the difference between condos and townhomes is not always clear. I’ve seen many condos for sale that were called townhomes and vice versa. According to Webster, a “condo” is individual ownership of a unit in a multi-unit structure where the land is owned in common. On the other hand, a “townhome” is usually a single-family house (usually with two to three stories) that is connected to a similar house by a common sidewall.

If you are looking for something that is totally maintenance free, a condo is the way to go. In most situations, there is a small patio or yard area with townhomes that you wouldn’t with a condo. Many condos do have a deck or balcony of some kind.

There are some developments in the Greenville, SC, area that offer both condos and townhomes. The HOA fee can vary for each one but usually they include the same amenities. Another popular trend in Greenville is the turning of old mills into condominium complexes. There are quite a few of these around town and many of them are affordable and come with great amenities. Depending on the mill, you could be right on a lake or near the center of town. Just let me know if you would like a list of some of the best that Greenville has to offer.


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