Health Advantages of Tea! Part 1 of 4


By Dave Wilson

teaThe tea business is mysterious. I suppose this is due to the exotic places that it comes from. There is no mystery about the health benefits of tea, however.
The product called “tea” is from the Camellia sinensis plant. Herbal teas are not really “tea.” This is not to say that they aren’t good and good for you, I’m just being precise. The various kinds of actual teas are grown in different places, which is one way they get their different flavors or unique characters.
Picking the leaves at differing times in their development gives various character. White tea is the most expensive because these leaves are new leaves that have not developed as much as traditional tealeaves. Another way that tea gets its uniqueness is the way the leaves are processed. Black teas are fermented to some degree. Green teas are not. Studies have been done on both types. Both types have much the same advantages, with green and white teas possibly having an edge. I should also note that some studies indicate that there are no benefits to tea drinking. I think coffee growers fund these studies.
Some studies indicate that drinking three to four cups of black tea a day is better for you than drinking as much water. (

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