What Is A CL-100?

George Clements - Keller Williams - Greenville SC Real Estate

By George Clements

Banks require anyone who is getting a loan to have a CL-100 letter that assures that there are no termites or moisture problems in the house that want to buy. In a normal real estate transaction, the purchaser will pay between $75 and $150 to have this done.
There are a couple of things the banks are looking for when it comes to the termite inspection. First, are there any active termites and second, is there is any structural damage. In a normal sales contract inspectors will list any damage that they find. However the seller is only required to fix structural damage and not cosmetic damage. The seller would also be required to have the home treated if there were signs of active termites. There can be signs of past infestation as long as it has been treated and there is no structural damage.
One way to keep termites away is to use treated mulch in flowerbeds. Just be sure you keep the mulch from getting high up against your house. It is good to treat your home yearly for termites to avoid any major repairs when you go to sell.
When it comes to the moisture side of the inspection, the banks are looking to see that the moisture content is under a certain level. If the moisture content is too high there is most likely a water problem that needs to be taken care of. Correction of moisture problems are are treated just like termite problems in the transaction .
Just let me know if you ever need names of some good pest control companies.


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