A Yard That Neighbors Envy And Kids Love

John Yarusinsky

By John Yarusinsky

Everyone knows that a lush green lawn doesn’t happen by accident. But did you know that a combined fertilizer and pre-emergent treatment, applied regularly to your lawn, can help you achieve that gorgeous lawn you’ve always dreamed of? Think of it this way: fertilizer is for grass what healthy food is for people! Just like you need a balanced diet with vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, your lawn won’t thrive without a high-quality fertilizer to strengthen roots and keep grass healthy. Your lawn also needs a potent weed-killer; weeds aren’t just unsightly, they rob the grass of necessary nutrients!
Consider this: what would happen if you ate a huge meal at the beginning of the year and expected it to last you for twelve months? Obviously, the result wouldn’t be pretty. In the same way, your lawn won’t live up to its potential if you don’t apply fertilizer and chemical weed control regularly. You need a fertilizing program that’s specifically tailored to the type of grass you own, your soil conditions, and the Greenville climate. You need fertilizers that deliver nitrogen for excellent greening and readily available potassium to protect the grass against heavy foot traffic. Of course you’ll also need a powerful pre-emergent that knocks down weeds before they sprout, without harming pets or people. Having a perfect lawn isn’t a pipe dream; with a regular application of fertilizer and weed control, you’ll be well on your way to that yard that the neighbors envy and the kids love.

John Yarusinsky

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