Spring into Cross-Training

Running - Sanja Gjenero

By Gilbert B. Elwyn

Running - Sanja GjeneroOur running group, Herd of Turtles, used to refer to post-run naps as “cross-training.” Most of us knew we were being humorous. April’s balmy weather brings opportunities for enjoying the out-of-doors while supplementing a runner’s training schedule.
Bicycle riding is the cross trainer of choice for many runners. It has many shared benefits with running, without the leg and foot strain.
Yes, you can ride exercise bikes at the gym, just as you can run on the treadmill. During foul weather, or if health problems prohibit you from running or biking outside, the treadmill and exercise bike are good alternatives; however, we are reminded of a comment attributed to Robin Williams. He stated that he loved running cross country, but that running on a treadmill made him feel like a gerbil.
We’ll leave you with this happy image: quite a few years ago, on a beautiful Saturday, we were beginning a training run. Looking back, we espied a row of exercise bicycles that had been moved from the gym to the front of the athletic building. Despite their being confined to stationary cycling, the riders were happily peddling away, enjoying the fresh air.
They were enjoying their Miles of Smiles.

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