DuPont Forest


By Gilbert B. Elwyn

Friend-of-DuPont-Forest.pngIf you are a monthly reader of these columns, you should have figured out by now that we are unabashed lovers of a) nature and b) waterfalls. For large helpings of both of these, we recommend visiting DuPont Forest. Nestled between Brevard and Hendersonville North Carolina, DuPont Forest is brimming with trails, waterfalls, a lake, and a covered bridge. The trails themselves run from medium to difficult and the accessibility to the waterfalls is similar in range. Triple Falls, High Falls, and Hooker Falls are the easiest to visit of the waterfalls and are enjoyable in their own right, but other falls, such as the unique Bridal Veil Falls are well worth the extra effort and distance.

Be sure to visit the DuPont Forest web site before you go to obtain driving instructions, trail guides, and other useful information. Maps are posted at the parking areas and are often for sale at those locations. We have found it best to visit the forest with a plan for the day as well as a good idea of how to get to our destinations.

Do read and heed the tips and warnings and utilize caution when visiting DuPont Forest.

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