Greenville Homes Priced Under $150,000 – Not Classified As Buyer’s Market

George Clements - Greenville SC Realtor

By George Clements – Greenville SC Realtor

Is Greenville SC a buyer's Market?

We hear Greenville, SC, real estate markets referred to as “buyer markets” or “seller markets,” but what makes a market good for buyers or good for sellers? The National Association of Realtors® classifies markets based on absorption rates and inventory as follows:

  • 0-5 months = Sellers Market
  • 5-7 months = Even/Split Market
  • 7+ months = Buyer’s Market

So what is an absorption rate and what does the 0-5, 5-7, and 7+ months mean? The number of months represents the number of months of inventory on the market. The number of months of inventory is determined by the absorption rate. The absorption rate is determined by taking the number of sold listings for any criteria (price range, city, subdivision, or a mixture) and dividing it by the amount of months (12 for a year or 9 for January to September). You can find the amount of inventory then by dividing the absorption rate number by the amount of active listings.
For instance, let’s say that it is August in a local Greenville subdivision, there are 4 homes on the market, and 16 have sold since January. This makes an average of 2 homes selling every month and means that there is a 2 month supply in the subdivision. When looking at absorption rates for the entire Greenville area as a whole, it reveals some interesting facts when keeping the definition of a buyer’s and seller’s market in mind.

Here are some recent Greenville Area real estate statistics:

Listing Price: $0 – $150K
–Active Listings: 2639
–Sold Listings: 3083
–3083 / 8 mths = 385/mth (Absorption Rate)
–2639 / 385 = 6.85 (Months of Inventory)
–Avg DOM: 83

Listing Price: $150K – $300K
–Active Listings: 2732
–Sold Listings: 2399
–2399 / 8 = 300/mth (Absorption Rate)
–2732 / 300 = 9.11 (Months of Inventory)
–Sold DOM: 95

Listing Price: $300K – $500K
–Active Listings: 1123
–Sold Listings: 565
–565 / 8 = 71/mth (Absorption Rate)
–1123 / 71 = 15.82 (Months of Inventory)
Sold DOM: 110

Listing Price: $500K – $1Million
–Active Listings: 638
–Sold Listings: 174
–174 / 8 = 21.5/mth (Absorption Rate)
–638 / 21.5 = 29.67 (Months of Inventory)
–Sold DOM: 125

Listing Price: $1Million +
–Active Listings: 144
–Active Solds: 14
–14 / 8 = 1.75/mth (Absorption Rate)
–144 / 1.75 = 82.3 (Months of Inventory)
Sold DOM: 109

These statistics show that Greenville is in a buyer’s market in every category except one. The homes priced at $150,000 and below are not in a buyer’s market. According the the NAR’s® definitions of markets, that price range is an “even/split market.” What does this mean? Seller’s under $150,000’s can expect a better market than those with higher prices and buyers cannot expect the luxury of a buyer’s market under $150,000. Seller’s under the $150,000’s still have to keep things in perspective though, since they are not in a seller’s market either.

George Clements - Keller Williams - Greenville SC Real Estate
George Clements – Keller Williams – Greenville SC Real Estate


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