Keeping Fit While On the Go

By Kimberley Payne
In the winter months, my parents flee the country for warmer climes. They leave inearly January and return to Canada with the birds when the snow has melted. One of the challenges they face when traveling is keeping up their health and fitness regimen. I asked them what tips they have to share with others who travel a lot.
Consider walking:
Walking is a reliable exercise that you can do almost anywhere. If you’re in a place where you don’t know your way around, you can simply follow the road in one direction without turning corners. Then finding your way back is simple. You can purposely book a hotel that is further away from the shopping district, library, bank or post office so that you get a good walk in to do your errands. If your travels take you to cold locations, you can join a mallwalking group and continue your program.
Find an activity you love:
Any activity that raises your heart rate can be considered exercise. Whether it is swimming at the hotel pool, golfing at the resort, or lawn bowling the important consideration is that you enjoy it. Try a game of tennis or badminton, or tandem bicycling. If you find something that you enjoy, it will take the chore out of keeping fit.
Team up with a friend:
A partner can make workouts more fun and push you to try harder. You will be more likely to stick to your plan if you have a partner.
Dress for the weather:
Ensure that you dress in layers…you never know what the weather will bring. For the best protection, choose fabric that is durable, windproof, breathable, and waterproof. Wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Use comfortable footwear that provides good cushioning and support.
Always be well hydrated:
Consider freezing a bottle of water ahead of time. That way the water stays cold and refreshing longer. Bring healthy snacks; usually fruit and other healthy snacks aren’t readily accessible when traveling so you can bring your own stash.
Choose a healthy hotel:
You can choose to stay at hotels that offer fitness classes, have a pool, and/or workout room. Take the extra time to research where you plan to stay and choose hotels that offer healthy activities.
Bring your own equipment:
Your hotel, camper, or host’s home may not have gym equipment or a pool. Using dyna-bands are a great way to workout without added weight to your bags. You can do a full body program using the band for a variety of strength training moves.
By following these simple suggestions you can, like my parents, return from the south with renewed energy and vigor. Blessings on the road to health!

Kimberley Payne, a former Personal Trainer who lives in Ontario, combines Christian commitment with ten years experience in the health and wellness arena. Visit her Website

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