The Office: A New Locale For Your Yoga Class


By Susi Hately
yoga01 Even with an ergonomically correct setup at work, many desk workers struggle with neck or back pain, shoulder strain, headaches, repetitive strain injury, or trouble focusing. Yogi, author, kinesiologist and founder of Functional Synergy, Susi Hately Aldous has created a specialized program, Yoga for the Desk Jockey(tm) for desk workers to get into a routine of 2 minute breathing, stretching and meditating exercises to do throughout the day. Clients have reported that they feel less irritable, calmer, have less pain and get less distracted and feel more capable of handling stressful situations. The program has also proven to help increase productivity and creativity in offices.

Yoga for the Desk Jockey(tm) consists of a series of tele-classes, a comprehensive book with an audio CD, and corporate seminars for addressing physical and mental issues among executives nationwide. “I have witnessed an ever-growing list of complaints from all levels of professionals whose performance and energy levels are not where they should be,” says Hately Aldous. “Moreover, with the state of the economy adding to the ever-increasing stress, more employees are finding themselves working longer hours, working on the road, or from home as a result of the rapid technology, including blackberries, laptops, and devices that don’t allow professionals to “let-go” of work causing strain on every part of the body.”

Yoga for the Desk Jockey(tm) is a customized program for corporate executives, or anyone working behind a desk. Those who participate will learn how to reduce shoulder, neck and back pain, lower computer related stress, and feel calm amidst high pressure situations or in dealing with difficult clients. Simple powerful yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques that a busy professional can practice daily are taught for using at the desk as well as to take home to integrate into a home workplace situation.

Hately Aldous also has introduced a streaming Yoga for the Desk Jockey(tm) video subscription that is available online through the web site allowing easy and quick access to a library of videos of yoga asanas that can be selected and followed right at the desk based on one’s immediate physical needs and symptoms. The streamlined video is available for at a subscription rate of $2.49 per week.

In addition, Hately Aldous offers “Lunch and Learn Sessions” that are available as a one-hour session, or as a 5-8 week program. She has instructed these sessions in person for companies all over North America including teachers’ associations, law firms, federal government human resources, healthcare and hospital groups, banking firms, aviation organizations and university employees. “Most of the offices and companies where I teach are able to participate on their lunch break or as integrated into their day, and it can be done in business attire.” says Hately Aldous. Seminars have included The Original Lunch and Learn, Using Your Breath to Reduce Stress, Meditation for Beginners and, the month-long Challenge. Hately Aldous has also created customized programs specific to those whose level of stress or busy schedule is significantly impacting their performance and ability to work effectively on a daily basis.

Designed with the businessperson in mind, Yoga for the Desk Jockey(tm) brings yoga and exercise tips to the workplace. This approach is changing the way people think about exercise and work-related concerns that are both physical and mental. Whether there is a need to reduce blood pressure, increase energy levels, improve focus, balance, clarity and creativity, restore sleep patterns or reduce muscle pain, Yoga for the Desk Jockey(tm) addresses these and other symptoms brought on by the patterns of work and career. It is a way to transition yourself into a more balanced lifestyle.

susi-headshotSusi Hately Aldous is a renowned yoga teacher and author of several international best-selling yoga books. Her latest title, Advancing Your Yoga Practice: the Art of Slowing Down launched in fall 2008 and follows her other titles including Therapeutic Yoga and Anatomy and Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries Series. Her yoga skills are enhanced by her B.Sc. in kinesiology, post-graduate training in mind-body medicine and ergonomics and, practical field experience assisting companies with disability management and workplace safety issues.

Susi’s main focus and expertise is in helping people overcome pain and injuries with her customized yoga therapy programs. Since 2004, Susi teaches a comprehensive therapeutic certification program for aspiring instructors to learn the importance of well-being as it affects various conditions. This training program, based on the Hatha yoga method, encompasses her wide range of acquired disciplines including kinesiology, yoga iRest (yoga nidra), rehabilitation, modern mind-body science and practical experience as an exercise therapist and ergonomics consultant. Find more info at

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