California Doctors Expose Link Between Gluten And Depression

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Health NowPatient goes public after successfully getting off seven antidepressants

In an effort to help others with similar problems, Wendell MacRae, a patient formerly suffering from depression is going public with his personal saga on how he was able to get off seven antidepressant medications.

After suffering from depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia since his early teens, Wendell visited the HealthNOW Medical Center in Sunnyvale, California. . The directors of the clinic, Drs. Richard and Vikki Petersen, are authors of the book THE GLUTEN EFFECT and specialize in finding the root cause of health problems.

At the HealthNOW clinic, Wendell went through a battery of tests and tested positive for gluten sensitivity. Only a week and a half into his new gluten-free diet regimen, Wendell’s health and alertness had improved significantly. Wendell said, “This might sound ordinary to most people, but the first thing I did was to go to a rock concert. I actually was able to have the energy to go, be there, and have a wonderful time. For someone who has been lethargic and depressed for so long, it was a real triumph.”

Dr. Vikki Petersen, one of the doctors who treated Wendell said, “What is most interesting in Wendell’s case is that he had suffered no digestive symptoms. If a doctor only associates gluten with celiac disease and not the vast number of other health and autoimmune disorders, an accurate diagnosis is unlikely to be found. Gluten, through immune reactions, negatively interacts with certain brain receptors, causing these symptoms. Clear evidence that gluten can affect one’s health in other ways besides its direct effect on the digestive system.”

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