The Importance Of Health Checkups From A Male Perspective

648497_96855827This will tie in with my other articles regarding health and fitness from the male perspective .
I was just reading about a UK footballer who contracted advanced testicular cancer based on not paying attention to a lump on his testicles 9 months before his diagnosis.

On following his story online he is quoted as being out of the critical stage and he is responding to treatment and is now being prepped for chemotherapy. At this stage it has spread to his brain as well as his testicles.

I have an idea why males have such a problem with going to the doctor when warning signs concerning their health arise. It may be because of the idea some males have with viewing these issues concerning their health as a weakness and that is based on how society has defined what a man’s role as a breadwinner and stable member of the family is in comparison to what a woman’s role as a caregiver and child bearer is in the family structure.

I went through this phase as a child but I have learned from my mother that those roles are and can be consolidated to make me a complete man with the qualities of both men and women. This does not change who I am as a man but it makes me more empathetic and understanding of the rigid roles that being a male or female consists of.
My father was not a constant in my life which gave my mother the duty of teaching us how to think from both a male and female perspective.

On that note, good sound health practices form that foundation that is needed to live that life in peace and harmony. Without that foundation that would be difficult. Using the house analogy we build the house from a solid and sound foundation and the building blocks have to be of a quality nature to withstand the stress from the environment and from normal wear and tear. Preventive maintenance is needed to keep it in good working order because it has to provide a safe and secure environment for it’s occupants, therefore good health practices and principles along with preventive maintenance will keep the our “house” in good working order.

We cannot have that good life with all the” perks” that it may bring, both material and nonmaterial, if we don’t exercise those health principles to achieve a sound mind and body. We cannot enjoy those luxuries that we accumulate whether we need them or not if our health foundation is not stabilized. Trust in our medical professionals is not at an all time high since health care costs have skyrocketed. We need to reinstate that trust factor so that we don’t have these issues with our health professionals and caregivers who depend on our participation in the process.

Kirk Fontaine is a personal fitness
Twitter: @fitnewbie

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