Elaine’s Story

ElaineOne day I stared long and hard at my family portrait realizing that I had put on 50 lbs in 7 years! That was in the winter of 2006 and right then and there I decided to do a complete turn around in my lifestyle. At the age of 46 I joined a gym and cut out my creamers in my coffee along with breads,fried foods and heavy desserts! My family complained but I stuck to it! Thanksgiving day I had lost 40 lbs and was featured in Family Circle in 2007! One thing that mostly changed was my determination in losing my weight and adding a lot of water to my lifestyle! I have recently entered the Mrs. Kentucky International and passed the two first requirements and I am awaiting to see if I am Mrs. Kentucky International. I will be 50 in May of 2010! I have kept up with my exercising and have added Zumba and do my hula hoop! My seven daughters jumped in after seeing their mom make a change! I love it and love life!

– Elaine

UPDATE to my story:

I am now officially “Mrs. Kentucky International”!

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