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Kelly_RoubaMy name is Kelly Rouba. I’m a Juvenile Arthritis author and spokesperson, having lived with the disease since I was 2 years old.

Recently I had an opportunity to share with the folks at EA Sports Active about my experience using the Nintendo Wii. Since my disease progressed to the point where I was never very mobile, I was never able to engage in real sports like others my age. However, with the Wii, I can finally get active and stay fit and not hurt my joints and body.

Kelly Rouba_edited by RK

Since September is “Invisible Illness Awareness Month” it’s important for me to send a message to other kids, teens and adults that you can still be active with Juvenile Arthritis. And even if you are restricted to a wheelchair, like I am most of the time, you can still exercise and stay in shape.

– Kelly

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