Super Bowl Dishes That Won’t Pack On The Pounds

Healthy Party Food - Photo: Alex Bruda

Healthy Party Food - Photo: Alex BrudaFor some of us, the Super Bowl is the most epic football event of the year. Yet, for thousands of doting significant others, friends and socialites, the Super Bowl is all about the commercials, the friendships maintained, and yes, the food. It’s only human to want to be bad and guiltlessly scarf down three slices of greased out pizza, two plates of taco dip, a dozen beers and more chicken wings then you can count on one hand. Take a deep breath and think about it from a logical perspective though… it’s kind of gross, isn’t it? The Super Bowl can still be an enjoyable experience. Just because you’re rooting for the Green Bay Packers doesn’t mean you need to pack on the pounds. Feel free to “steel” these delicious dishes…

Southwestern Layered Bean Dip You’ll find 7 grams of fat and 140 calories in half a cup. But you’re also getting 20% of your daily fiber, not to mention Vitamin A & 15% of your Vitamin C.

Shrimp Cocktail This finger food is packed with protein and adds just 156 calories for every five (including cocktail sauce!) You’ll also get 15% of your daily iron. Don’t get too carried away, though… there is still some saturated fat and cholesterol here.

Turkey ChiliYou’ll be super full and satiated after having a 332-calorie, 6 gram of fat bowl of turkey chili – thanks to the 38 grams of protein!

Low-Calorie Chicken Wings If you need your wing fix, try this 295 calorie / 19 gram of fat wing recipe. You’ll get 141 mg of calcium and 23 grams of protein too.

For alcohol, go super fancy and opt for wine, which has around 80 calories in a 4-oz. serving. You can also go for hard liquor like vermouth (32 calories/shot), coconut rum (51 calories/shot), gin (65 calories/shot) whiskey (69 calories/shot) or vodka (69 calories/shot)… but be careful what you mix it with! Diet soda or tonic water is best.

Article: Jennn Fusion Twitter: @jennnfusion

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