Employer Wellness Programs Save Employers Big Bucks

Employee wellness

Worksite wellness programs have been around for 30 years, but today more than three-quarters of all employers with more than 10,000 employees have some kind of wellness program in place.

Even though these programs cost money initially and take several years to see widespread employee participation, researchers have found that the long-term savings is more than just chump change.

  • Employee wellnessHealth care costs rose 15 percent slower for participants of employer-sponsored wellness programs, according to a New Study conducted over a four-year period by Highmark Inc., Pittsburgh-based health insurers.
  • Employers saved $332 per participant each year the program was implemented. The savings could be even higher when one factors in costs associated with health-related lost productivity and absenteeism.

Participants of wellness programs are more likely to take advantage of preventative services like mammograms, colonoscopies and cancer screenings – either due to increased awareness, employer-sponsored incentives or insurance subsidies. They can access personalized healthcare information 24/7 online through a special database.
The most successful programs keep employees engaged by providing incentives for participation. Some employees take yoga classes to combat stress, attend smoking cessation support groups or participate in “Biggest Loser” competitions against their coworkers to shed a few pounds. Awards may include additional time off, health premium discounts, grand prizes, gym memberships and cash.

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