What A Spring Wellness Checkup For Your Pets Entails

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Spring is a time of renewal and fresh starts. We get more ambitious about exercising.

We remember to go in to the doctor for our annual checkups. We clean the house. Why not take this time to think about your pet’s health too? An annual wellness checkup ensures your pets are in tip-top shape and prevents costly veterinary bills later on. It’s also a good time to get any questions you may have answered.
Here are some of the things you can expect from veterinarians at a wellness visit:

  • puppy recoveryWeigh-in
  • Listens to heart and lungs
  • Eyes, ears and mouth physical
  • Check the body for swelling, tenderness or lumps
  • Assess the condition of the coat and skin
  • A blood sample assesses organ function and checks for heartworm
  • A urine and/or fecal sample assesses infection, disease or parasite presence
  • Preventative vaccinations may address parasites or diseases prevalent in your community

Your pets’ needs often depend on age. For instance, up to one year, vaccinations, vitamin supplements, heartworm testing and spaying or neutering are the focus. Over the next 9 years, vaccine boosters, stool samples, heartworm tests, flea prevention, dental exams and grooming are covered. Seniors require all the same care as an adolescent dog but may require a special geriatric exam that includes a new diet, vitamins and routine screenings for abnormal growths. Remember, your pet is aging quicker than you think. Don’t wait until you see stiffness, lethargy, loss of appetite or other odd behaviors before you begin caring.

Article: Jennn Fusion

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