Halloween Party Ideas For kids

halloween decorations

halloween decorationsSo the kids want a lot of friends over for Halloween, but how are you going to entertain a whole house full of kids on the scariest night of the year?

You can start off by playing traditional games like apple bobbing. Of course if the children are wearing face paint it will ruin their costumes before they begin, but it can make them very messy, especially if you play a variation of the game when they bob for applies in water first, then have to find the spiders in the flour or sweets hidden in the cornflakes. Messy, but fun!
Giving a prize for the best fancy dress outfit is also traditional but you could give this a twist, maybe by rewarding the costume that took the most effort to make and not by just giving a prize for a shop bought costume that didn’t take any effort.

Instead of the normal party game of pin the tail on the donkey, you can pin the fangs on the vampire or the horns on the devil. You can also play pass the parcel with a lot of scary forfeits in between each layer. You can have dancing competitions to scary music. You could make the children write scary poems or see which one of them can tell the scariest story to each other.

Halloween party food can be fun too. You can have red drinks to make the children believe they are drinking blood. You can make a Halloween face cake and a jelly with plastic rats or flies hidden inside it. The children could design scary food faces from salad pieces such as thin pieces of lettuce for hair, sliced cucumber and tomato for eyes, pepper fangs and grated carrot, sliced spring onion and radish for warts and spots.

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