George Hincapie talks about Greenville SC, Chiropractic, and USPro Race 2012

50 Most Influential of Greenville
50 Most Influential of Greenville
50 Most Influential of Greenville

2012 marks the final time the USPRO cycling road race championship will be held in Greenville, SC. I recently had the opportunity to visit with our local cycling legend George Hincapie before he left Greenville for the Amgen Tour of California. Watch the short video below for George Hincapie’s perspective on Chiropractic through the 20+ years that we have worked together and his thoughts about this final USPro race in Greenville. You’ll find out why George comes to Eastside Chiropractic for chiropractic treatments when he is in Greenville.

George Hincapie 1993 Memories

George and I also talked about the past and future of the USPro race, cycling in Greenville, and more. Watch the next video to hear George talk about what it was like to win the USPro Race in his hometown.

First Pro Race in Greenville 1993

Thanks, George, for taking time to talk with me about cycling and chiropractic. We wish you all the best in the 2012 USPro Race!

Eastside ChiropracticArticle courtesy of Dr. David Mruz of Eastside Chiropractic in Taylors SC.

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